Seed Growouts in Germination Chamber

I am doing a seed growout for Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. These tomato varieties have never been offered for sale to the public. The seeds have passed from generation to generation. These two German heirloom tomatoes will be grown for seed and sold in the coming years. Hannah, a delicious oxheart shaped pink variety, is meaty, with few seeds.  The other variety is named Coyne, a huge Roma type tomato for salsa and canning.

My homemade germination chamber is being used to start the seed. The chamber consists of four shelves with florescent lights and electric heat mats with thermostatic controls. By supplying the correct rooting temperature, a few of the seeds have started to germinate in just three days!!

WP_20150407_21_18_25_Pro WP_20150407_21_18_35_Pro WP_20150407_21_18_46_Pro WP_20150407_21_18_54_Pro WP_20150407_21_19_41_Pro WP_20150407_21_28_10_Pro

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