What a Difference a Day Makes!!!

I started some heirloom tomatoes seeds on April 4. Yesterday (April 7),  three seeds had germinated in two seed flats. Today (April 8), seeds are popping up like crazy!!! The Coyne variety is far ahead of the Hannah tomato on germination. Providing the best soil temperature (75° (F)), stimulates germination. Plus, the seedlings are kept one inch from the bulbs in the light fixture.

WP_20150408_18_45_25_Pro WP_20150408_18_46_04_Pro

It never ceases to amaze me, to see seeds pop out of the soil!!

2 thoughts on “What a Difference a Day Makes!!!

  1. I totally agree! My property has come alive! Thursdays rain and overnight temps., Friday…. buds and leaves and flowers popping out all over! Feeling Happy.


  2. Thank you for your observations. In one weeks time, the Bluebells and Bleeding Hearts have popped up and are blooming. What a great time of year!


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