What are these worms? Ugh!!

Gardening Question:
I am new to gardening and have a few small containers of sweet pea seeds I was attempting to germinate. After realizing that they were not coming up as they should, I poked around in the dirt to find small white maggot type worms attached to the seeds which had pretty well turned to mush. The worms were very very small (only a cm. or 2 in length, but visibly moving). I am wondering what this pest is, and how it may have gotten into my seeds. I purchased a seed-starting mix from a reputable nursery in my area and they assured me it was what they use to start all of their seeds. All of my other plants have thrived and I’ve not had this issue arise. Could they have come along with that particular package of seeds since my other plants came up with no problems? Any information would be greatly appreciated. I, of course, tossed out the containers and sterilized them in hopes of preventing contamination to my other plants.
Flies and gnats are such annoying creatures! Here’s what happened. Flies or gnats detected the rotting seeds below the soil surface. They laid eggs, which created maggots that burrowed into the soil to eat the seeds. This is nature’s design.
In the future, soak the sweet pea seeds overnight and start in small containers. Once the seed germinates, allow the seedlings to grow for about 10 days. Place outside on a cool day (not freezing!). Plant in the ground next to trellises or teepees and watch them grow! Plus, enjoy their sweet fragrance.

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