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  1. Here’s an odd experience I had last year. I planted blauschkokker peas, they grew beautifully and they set a ton of pods which I then let go until they dried on the vines. I gathered them and took the peas out of the pods. Then stored them in a plastic container to use as soup peas for the winter. Well my daughter got curious about two months after I collected the peas and opened the plastic container. The peas were covered with little beetles and almost all of the peas had holes in them, as if the beetles had hatched out of the peas themselves. So my question is what were they? And how do I prevent this from happening should I choose to grow and save seeds from my peas again?


    1. It sounds like these peas had weevils already in the peas prior to storage. The weevils bore into the peas and lay eggs. The larvae of the weevils eat the peas from the inside out. The best solution in the future is to store the peas in glass jars stored in your freezer. That will kill the eggs and any live weevils. The peas remain edible. After two (2) weeks in the freezer, you may use the peas for consumption. Otherwise, the peas may remain in the freezer until needed. Plus, you could use food grade diatomaceous earth mixed in with the dried peas to kill any larvae or adult weevils that may try to escape death by freezing.
      What a great question! I plan to use this issue in an upcoming blog post with images and other solutions to this issue. Thank you for this important topic!


  2. I’ve started tomatoes from seeds from Baker Creek. After watering with very weak fish emulsion, I’ve noticed tiny black dots on the leaves (like where the tiny hairs of the leaf are). These are more pronounced on the purple and black varieties (Black Krim, etc.). Could this be nutritant related?

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