Growing Lettuce in Your Garden!

Lately, I have heard this statement several times.

“My lettuce is bitter or tasteless or falling over and limp. What varieties of lettuce should I be growing?”  My response is “You’re asking the wrong question. The question should be, how do I properly grow lettuce?”

buttercrunch       Crisp Mint1

These are two of my favorites! They are delicious and easy to grow. Buttercrunch has a soft leaf and is very tolerant to heat! Crisp Mint is a Romaine type with a mildly sweet flavor and crisp texture.

There are several issues that must be addressed:

  • Proper soil – sandy loam is best
  • Irrigation – even amount of moisture (drip irrigation preferred)
  • Full sun vs partial shade (when the temperature increases, partial shade is a benefit)
  • Temperature – the ideal temperature range is 35° – 80° (F). Buttercrunch, Oakleaf and Amish Deer Tongue are great hot weather varieties.
  • Proper spacing of plants (if you sow seed too heavy, you must thin the seedlings to prevent overcrowding. Use the thinnings for baby lettuce or micro greens).
  • Fertilization – use moderate amounts of compost. Side dress with seaweed emulsion and fish emulsion.
  • Succession planting –

Here are other varieties I have grown and found to be flavorful, dependable and having good texture.

Lettuce-Speckled-LT103-DSC03175 merveille-des-quatre-saisons-lettuce2 Lettuce-Outredgeous-DSC02642         Lettuce-Hendersons-Black-Seeded-Simpson Lettuce-Flashy-Butter-Gem-LT160-web         Lettuce-Flame-LT113-web



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