See you Sunday!

Sunday, June 5, I will have a vendor space during the Baker Creek* monthly Heritage Days festival.


I will be selling tomato and hot/ sweet pepper transplants. In addition I will have potted June bearing strawberry plants, Hollyhocks, Annual Phlox and Lettuce bowls for sale.



I will be featuring my Sweet Peas as cut flowers. They are colorful and fragrant.These may be purchased by the stem or in a bouquet.


Come on out and say “Hey”.



*Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co., 2278 Baker Creek Road, Mansfield, MO 65704

Festival hours: 10AM to 7PM


2 thoughts on “See you Sunday!

  1. Hi from Texas I am building raised beds from grass clippings and shredded leaves among other things. What should my carbon/nitrogen ratio be? I have heard that 5 parts nitrogen to 1 part carbon is good. Thanks. Fred


    1. In nature, the ratio for soil is 25-30 parts carbon to one part nitrogen. In compost a good ratio is 8-10 parts carbon to one part nitrogen.

      BTW, those beds need to mellow before planting. The soil bacteria will use the nitrogen to consume the carbon. Your plants will yellow if you try to plant too early. I usually make my beds in November for spring (April) planting.

      Papa (Art)


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