I’m Art Davidson, the garden answer man. It’s fun being a consulting horticulturist, challenging you to think outside the “box”. My passion is seeing seed break soil and growing into beautiful flowers, herbs and vegetables.


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      1. Art- I was dismayed at your article in the current issue of Heirloom magazine about Five Color Swiss Chard and I think you should write a retraction drawing attention to all the mistakes your article contains:

        1- Five Color Chard and Bright Lights Chard are NOT the same. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds originally made the error of calling them the same but after I pointed out their error they stopped doing so.

        2- These chards (silverbeets) are not both from Australia. Five Color Chard is from Australia, introduced by Diggers Garden Club, but Bright Lights Chard is from New Zealand bred by John Eaton, of Wellington who was a friend of mine before his passing and an amateur gardener.

        3- Five Color Chard is an unstable mixture and contains 5 colors. Bright Lights is an All-America Award Winner that was judged superior to any other chard using Five Color Chard as one of the comparisons. It won its award on two counts – 11 distinct colors as opposed to five, and MORE TENDER, SUCCULENT LEAVES.

        4- Five Color Chard is sometimes sold as Rainbow Chard since Rainbow Chard is deemed to be a better selling name for it.

        I discovered John’s Eaton’s Bright Lights Chard while on a visit to New Zealand and recommended he offer it to Johnny’s Seeds, of Vermont for mail order introduction. They entered it in the All-America Seed Selections on my advice since I am a former executive director of the All-America Selections, and Johnny’s has been keeping the strain pure ever since.

        What is especially galling about your article is the fact that John died of cancer shortly after learning that he had won an All-America Award, and his name deserves to be perpetuated, not forgotten or have the horticultural world told that his breeding achievement is not unique.

        I think you should write to the editor of Heirloom magazine and explain these errors and have them corrected.

        DEREK FELL

        53 Iron Bridge Road
        Pipersville, PA 18947

        Author of GROW THIS! (Rodale Books), VERTICAL GARDENING (Rodale Books) and other garden books. Publisher of the Avant Gardener on-line newsletter (avantgardener.info)



      2. Thank you for your comments. I will contact the new publisher regarding this issue and ask for a correction to the article in question.


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