What’s Happening?

Introducing our newest family member – Oakley (who doesn’t like her picture taken!) She is quite the lady and has started learning the skills of country life.


We like our birds!!!! A small showing of our “regulars”.


Hoop house growing! The spinach and cabbage remain delicious!


Let’s not forget Miss Kitty, our tomato transplant supervisor. As quick as the transplants were re-potted, she would playfully paw them out of the pot. She is a very curious kitty!!


Papa presenting at the Wabash Valley  Master Gardener Spring Conference in Terre Haute, Indiana. The topic , “Starting a Seed Saving Garden”. This wonderful group of dedicated Master Gardeners is very active in their community. Kudos to all your community service projects!!

Wabash Valley Master Gardeners


Spring  flowers are cheerful! It is a delight seeing colors once again! Real “eye candy” for the soul.



Hello Miss Kitty!

I was taking pictures in the seed germination room when I heard a “purrrupp” behind me. Miss Kitty was on her back in her favorite chair. I just had to take a picture!

What a cutie! She still has her moments but definitely better behaved. She now wears a pheromone collar that simulates the aroma of a momma cat. Eureka! It works!