Papa is Back! Fall and Winter Growing in the Hoop House!

Howdy folks! I am glad to be back. The hoop house is in production for late fall and winter gardening.

P1030984           P1030991

Cabbage, Collards, Broccoli, Kale, Leeks, Lettuce, Oriental Greens, Radishes and Beets have been started and are on the grow. Higher than average temperatures are making the plants grow faster than I expected. Every season is an adventure.


Under the row cover, the environment is like an incubator. Germination is slow but sure. Tasty veggies will soon be on the menu!

Leeks for late winter/early spring harvest. Yum!!

Soon, Sweet peas will be grown on trellises on the northern most bed in the hoop house. Hopefully we will have flowers in late winter/early spring.

Using Christmas lights will supplement the heat needed to speed up production in the hoop house. The lights will be strung from the low tunnel hoops just above the soil and ground cover.

Stay tuned for continued updates.


Beets from the Hoop House Two Weeks Early!

Garden beets grown in a hoop house are ready to harvest two weeks before those grown outside. The beet plants and beets are more tender. The protection from the outside elements accelerate the growth for an early crop.

Hoop HouseWP_20150519_19_14_50_Pro

WP_20150519_19_18_07_Pro                     WP_20150518_18_51_58_Pro     WP_20150518_18_52_23_Pro              WP_20150518_20_10_35_Pro

The beauty and flavor of these beets are unbeatable (excuse the pun!)!!