Growing Lettuce in Your Garden!

Lately, I have heard this statement several times.

“My lettuce is bitter or tasteless or falling over and limp. What varieties of lettuce should I be growing?”  My response is “You’re asking the wrong question. The question should be, how do I properly grow lettuce?”

buttercrunch       Crisp Mint1

These are two of my favorites! They are delicious and easy to grow. Buttercrunch has a soft leaf and is very tolerant to heat! Crisp Mint is a Romaine type with a mildly sweet flavor and crisp texture.

There are several issues that must be addressed:

  • Proper soil – sandy loam is best
  • Irrigation – even amount of moisture (drip irrigation preferred)
  • Full sun vs partial shade (when the temperature increases, partial shade is a benefit)
  • Temperature – the ideal temperature range is 35° – 80° (F). Buttercrunch, Oakleaf and Amish Deer Tongue are great hot weather varieties.
  • Proper spacing of plants (if you sow seed too heavy, you must thin the seedlings to prevent overcrowding. Use the thinnings for baby lettuce or micro greens).
  • Fertilization – use moderate amounts of compost. Side dress with seaweed emulsion and fish emulsion.
  • Succession planting –

Here are other varieties I have grown and found to be flavorful, dependable and having good texture.

Lettuce-Speckled-LT103-DSC03175 merveille-des-quatre-saisons-lettuce2 Lettuce-Outredgeous-DSC02642         Lettuce-Hendersons-Black-Seeded-Simpson Lettuce-Flashy-Butter-Gem-LT160-web         Lettuce-Flame-LT113-web



Salad Made Easy!!

Spring time is for salads! An easy way to grow your own salads, use bowls and other decorative containers. Fill the containers with good potting soil and some compost, sow your lettuce or salad mix seeds, water the seed in and watch it grow! Grow in full sun or partial shade, with temperatures between 45 degrees to 70 degrees (F).  Cut the greens one (1) inch above the soil and the greens will grow again. We call this “cut and come again”. Sometimes you can do this twice!! You can even raise your own radishes.

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