Heat Resistant Dahlias!!!

Absolutely amazing! 110° (F) heat and my dahlias are thriving. Originally from Mexico, dahlias can take it to a sultry 120° (F). These two heirloom seed varieties (Double flowered & Cactus flowered) will grow to a height of 6 feet.

From this:

To this!!

I love the colors and shapes. Check out this collage!

These beauties will be great for cut flowers. Make sure you have 15 to 18 inches of stem. Immerse the flower stems in 160° (F) water until water cools off. Place the flowers in new water with a floral preservative and they will last for 4 – 6 days. I hope to have enough to sell by mid-August.

Zinnias are up next to sell in the Fall. Florists love the bright colors when you can’t get them!

See you soon!


Floating Row Cover Saves the Day!!

Frost warnings were issued October 16th. Floating row cover saved our crops from cold damage and frost.

Three days ago we had a freeze in the Missouri Ozarks. Floating row cover saved our zucchini, green beans and zinnias from disaster.


Check out the harvest after the row covers were removed from our green beans and zucchini!


P1030904     P1030905

After the row covers were removed our zinnias remain in wonderful condition. There are plenty to cut and additional side shoots are on the way!

P1030908 P1030909


The bees and butterflies are enjoying the flowers too!!

Row covers will extend the growing season up to 2 – 3 weeks!!!  Air and moisture pass through the covers while providing protection from the cold weather and frost.

So, invest in floating row cover, extend your fall harvest and enjoy the fruit of your labor.


The Garden Grew So Fast!!

I made three garden raised beds on August 18 and now they are starting to bear fruit! I planted zucchini, green beans and zinnias.


Here are the beds two weeks later.


Finally, the same three beds on September 23!


Truly amazing!! Here are the first fruits!


37 days from seed to fruit from a 45 day variety of zucchini. Again this proves that warm season vegetables grow faster when the soil is warm and there are proper nutrients. The green beans are beginning to flower and the zinnias have large flower buds!

Planting early is not always the best policy. Plus, now there are less chewing and probing insects. Stay tuned!!